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Keeping a spare key is often advised but how many of us have a spare key with us for emergency situations? We are sure not many of you would have said “I do” to the above question. But how can we confidently say this? Because we deal with customers looking for us to copy keys to their home, car or office day in and day out. The reasons for losing a key are always different but the need for a spare key is universal.

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Crafting a key is easy but crafting a key that lasts for ages is an altogether different ball game. Yes, you can walk into the nearest hardware store and ask them to copy keys to your home but how long do you would those keys last? Copying keys accurately takes years of experience and the use of right tools. The keys that our experts make are made to perfectly fit into the lock and last for years to come. You will not be making a trip to our store every two months to get a new key like you would do if you choose the hardware store for new keys.

Get car Keys made quickly:

Village Locksmith Store Oak Forest, IL 708-303-9353Making new car keys is becoming all the more difficult and if you lose a car key these days then you are in for a lot of trouble. Getting duplicate keys means calling your car dealer and waiting for days to get a new pair of keys! Besides the wait, you also have to pay an extravagant amount for the new keys. But what other alternative do you have? Fortunately, you have Village Locksmith Store by your side in Oak Forest, IL area. Not only do we copy keys inexpensively but we do it in the shortest time possible. With our state of the art equipment, we can duplicate any kind of key be it transponder car key or high-security laser car keys.

Many people also end up calling a towing service for assistance in case they break a key into the lock. A towing service may be able to reach you fast but what is the point of reaching your location quickly when they have to take your vehicle back to their workshop to figure out a solution? With Village Locksmith Store you get an instant solution, right on the spot. We make new car keys in a single session and don’t make unwanted trips back to our store to get the required tools because all that we need is already stocked in our vans.

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